We sent 19 trucks and three vans of practical aid from London to Poznań

The total value of the donations was 60,000 US dollars of which 16,000 dollars was in food.

Łukasz, Magdalena and their two colleagues plus an additional 14 volunteers gave an average of five hours a day to the work.

After they had received, sorted and repacked the donations and made assessments as to where it could best be used, this is where it was sent:

And this is where they sent some of it on to in Ukraine:

Here is one place in Poland where they delivered aid – ‘Arena’ – literally – an indoor sports arena.

Arena - a man pushes a trolley with donations
Arena - a woman and child hand out biscuits

15 van- and car-loads of help including Easter gifts for children at Roman and Orthodox Easters, clothes, underwear, canned goods, instant food, baby food, pasta, tea, coffee, pet food, cat litter, pet carriers and sleeping bags. What they couldn’t make use of was put to one side and then sent on to Ukraine with love.