Dopiewo district

Dopiewo district, outside of Poznań (but still in Wielkopolska). This relatively small district is now housing over 1,000 refugees. Łukasz and colleagues have delivered five truck-loads of mixed aid, have sorted and delivered donated clothing as needed and divided up larger deliveries so that they matched the needs on the ground. Slawek visited Dopiewo and met the Mayor, Pawel Przepiora, and his colleagues, in April and again in late May.

It soon became apparent that whilst much was needed, it wasn’t all needed at the same time or in the same places, so Łukasz and colleagues at Dopiewo Social Aid set up the Konarzewo Warehouse, not far from Dopiewo, for the safe and hygienic storage of aid. This warehouse distributes to those in need within a 100km radius of its base. Goods are sorted and stored and those that are of more use to people in Ukraine are transported eastwards. Goods were also sorted and stored in Tarnowo Podgórne district in the same region, whence the were transported onwards to a medical centre in Kamianets Podilskyi (Western Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi Oblast) and from there to a hospital in Kyiv region.