Displaced Persons in Ukraine

Łukasz and colleagues are supporting around 20 families in Ukraine who have decided they do not want to flee unless they absolutely have to. Two of these families are from Bucha and are currently (at the time of the report) living and working in Dnipro. They are being helped with items such as summer clothing, children’s toys and books, in order for them to live as normal lives as possible.

Łukasz and his team have carried out a SWOT analysis of his work to date and makes the following over-arching recommendations:

  • Find new sources of aid.
  • Buy aid locally where possible.
  • Study and use supply systems effectively.
  • Talk to funders and sponsors about how on-the-ground, taylored deliveries are more effective and cost-effective.
  • Keep targets within realistic resource estimates.
  • Stay away from larger, generalised collection points style of delivery.