Activities in Merton

As at mid-June 2022 there were just under 400 refugees from Ukraine – adults and children – in the London Borough of Merton under the different visa options. Merton – the local council – has been speedy and effective in response to the crisis – one of the quickest responses in London if not in … Read more

Objectives for work inside Ukraine

Support 20 families identified who have chosen to stay in Ukraine (at least for now). Continue to provide humanitarian aid to reservists. Support identified hospitals in Ukraine. Maintain and develop partnership with „Dzieci Mariupola” (Children of Mariupol), a not-for-profit collaboration established in 2016.

Displaced Persons in Ukraine

Łukasz and colleagues are supporting around 20 families in Ukraine who have decided they do not want to flee unless they absolutely have to. Two of these families are from Bucha and are currently (at the time of the report) living and working in Dnipro. They are being helped with items such as summer clothing, … Read more

Yavoriv volunteers and their families

Volunteers in Yavoriv have worked so hard that their own children have missed them at times – they too have made sacrifices during this war – and many have also had their homes bombed. Igor made sure that all of the 25 children of volunteers in Yavoriv received special Easter presents to let them know … Read more

Hospitals in Lviv and Pokrovsk

Supplies have been delivered to both these locations. Pokrovsk hospital lies on the road from Donetsk to Dnipro – a key strategic line. Aid is being delivered by trucks, vans and other couriers according to where it is needed, including some unsafe areas.

Igor Kharhalis – “DINMARK”, Lviv

Igor Kharhalis of Dinmark Fasteners plant, a part of Ukrainian Steel Construction Centre in Lviv, has transpormed his warehouses into an aid centre, receiving five truckloads and 12 vans of aid from the West, purchasing eight pick-up trucks and using them to deliver aid onwards to further destinations and putting together survival packs for civilians … Read more

Polish Association for the Protection of Hedgehogs – „Nasze Jeże”

Polish Animal Shelter specialising in rescuing hedgehogs With Magdalena from Jeżonauci, the group has rescued 11 hedgehogs from Kyiv and Kharkiv, evacuated puppies and kittens and delivered 2,000kg of pet food. Of his co-operation with Magda, Łukasz says: I started to cooperate with Magda Lorenz, the chairperson of [Nasze Jeże], because she helps both people … Read more

Studio „Trakcja” in Poznań

This facility houses three refugees and provides workshop space for up to 100 people. There is constant liaison with Ukrainians living in and around Studio Trakcja, we well as engagement with local Polish people volunteering their help. Truckloads of aid are sorted here by volunteers and in a period of just two weeks they sorted … Read more

Main Railway Station in the city of Poznań

Łukasz and colleagues supplied Poznań’s main railway station as thousands of refugees arrived from February 2022 onwards. The items most in demand were baby food, nappies, baby wipes, toiletries and prams/pushchairs. Ten loads of aid were delivered to the station so that refugees could receive these vital supplies as soon as they got off the … Read more

Dopiewo district

Dopiewo district, outside of Poznań (but still in Wielkopolska). This relatively small district is now housing over 1,000 refugees. Łukasz and colleagues have delivered five truck-loads of mixed aid, have sorted and delivered donated clothing as needed and divided up larger deliveries so that they matched the needs on the ground. Slawek visited Dopiewo and … Read more