What do I use my phone for?

On 11th April we were joined by young volunteer, Chris who is a college student. He came to us because as he said, he’d helped his grandparents to make use of their phones and learn some new skills that they found helpful and he wanted to offer his services to others.

Chris has a very friendly manner and charmed several of our older visitors. He helped fellow volunteer Eric to download Spotify and set up a free account, meaning that Eric can listen to more of his favourite music. He also showed him how to set up a PIN and keep his phone locked when not in use.

With our older visitors, we discovered that most of them use their phones for phone-calls and sometimes texts but not a lot more. Many of them relied on a family member to ‘look after’ their phone and make sure it was all working properly. Seeing photos taken by other family members was something that gave them great pleasure, and Chris taught several visitors to take selfies that they could send to their friends and family.

Several clients have asked when Chris is coming back. He has to fit us in with his study schedule but has promised to come back soon and we are looking forward to it.

If you are interested in getting some help and advice for yourself or for an older relative who lives nearby, do get in touch by ringing 020 8764 9582 x 208 and asking when the next phone session with Chris will be held.