Grow your own dinner

We are very pleased to welcome two new volunteers to the Commonside Team. Mariana and Max, who have been clearing our growing area and have put in potatoes, onions and maize. They have also been using the raised beds in the back yard to start to grow herbs. It’s not all plain sailing – the local foxes have been using the garden as a playground and digging up the plants and the slugs and snails are pretty keen on the herbs. Also, Mariana’s small greenhouse blew down in the storm.

They have tomato plants almost ready to go outside – we are just waiting for the weather to warm up….and for them to be strong enough to ward off the foxes and slugs/snails.

It’s a jungle out there!

Mariana and Max believe it’s really important to introduce to children the idea of where food comes from and when there is a bit more to show, will be working with a local school to arrange visits to the plot.

They are also on the lookout for any unwanted decent condition gardening tools and gloves, tips for discouraging foxes and slugs/snails (!) and lots and lots of compost. If you are able to book a slot at Garth Road Recycling and pick up some bags of free compost and drive it back to the New Horizon Centre we would be really grateful, or even order us some online.

Many thanks, and when we have produce to share, we will share with all of you in the New Horizon Centre.