Empire Road

It’s Black History Month in the UK, and I was lucky enough to watch Summer of Soul at the newly reopened David Lean Cinema in Croydon. Earlier this year, I was delighted to watch WattStax courtesy of our New Horizon Film Club and saw so much good music I was riveted to my seat and resisting the urge to jump out of it all at the same time.

One of my first reflexions was that the cool young things dancing on screen were probably now in their late sixties and seventies, reinforcing my belief that nothing short of Step Line Stomp will be fun enough for their exercise classes.

Meanwhile, two other questions popped up in my mind: what happened after, and what was happening in Britain.

One answer to both those questions can be found in bands like Matumbi known for songs like After Tonight and Empire Road. Band singer Bevin Fagin grew up just down the road in Battersea and here at the New Horizon Centre we are lucky to have his son, Jason, graphic artist and media promoter based in one of our offices.

Towards the end of this year and into the start of next we are hitting the 50-year mark of Matumbi’s anniversary. Bevin’s son, Jason, is also ‘around 50’. So we want to look forward to 2022 with a warm feeling of on-coming celebration and are therefore planning a Valentine’s Matumbi evening at the Centre, with music, food and memorabilia, on 14th February 2022. To make it super special, we will be working with chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory, who also grew up in Battersea, to provide a special edition Matumbi chocolate bar.

Watch this space!

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